Leapfrog Zippity

High-Energy Learning System

LeapFrog Zippity

Leapfrog Zippity can be a favorite learning toy for younger kids. Three year olds mostly love it, however once they grow a little older they can get bored with it quite quickly. As a precursor to the popular Wii though, it's a pretty good choice. The game consists of a giant joystick and a mat for kids to jump, dance and stomp around on while controlling the joystick.

The main features of the LeapFrog Zippity High-Energy Learning System I liked were:
•    Kids have to be active to play with the game. They can't sit down and use it properly.
•    The Disney characters are easily recognized and therefore liked by the kids.
•    With its giant joystick which activates the toy, kids develop hand-eye coordination.
•    It develops the child's decision making capacity.
•    Teaches recognition of colors.
•    The toy also teaches the alphabet and familiarizes the child with letter sounds.

What I didn't like was:
•    The games are repetitive. The Disney characters can be changed but the games are the same. There are additional games available however.
•    The games are a little difficult for the young ones to select.
•    The games are fairly basic so the kids can get bored a little easily.
•    The games are quite slow with the mat not responsive to quick movement by the child.
Leapfrog Zippity Detailed Description
It is no secret that video games are almost universally loved by children. Many parents, however, worry about the amount of time their kids sit inactive while playing them, with little movement taking place, and sometimes not too much thought. The solution can be found in the LeapFrog Zippity High-Energy Learning System.

With this product, LeapFrog pioneers the way in making video games synonymous with exercise and learning for children aged 3 to 5 years. The traditional handheld controller of other video games is replaced with an exciting mat and a tummy-high bopper that works like a giant joystick. Children control all the onscreen action by moving their bodies. Instead of pressing buttons, children use their whole bodies to run, dance, and jump on the controls on the mat, and steer the bopper. This helps develop coordination, balance, and control of large muscle groups.

Bouncing on the mat launches children into a world of action-packed and fun-filled learning with popular Disney characters including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Disney Princess and Disney-Pixar Cars. The animation is of the highest quality, suitable for television, and is guaranteed to be enjoyed by kids.

 LeapFrog Zippity’s robust preschool curriculum is a springboard for a future of academic excellence. It prepares children for school and equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to be among the top of their class. Moreover, the games are such fun that when playing them, children only feel the delight of play, and never the burden of study.  The Leapfrog  Zippity High-Energy Learning System is a powerful fusion of entertainment and education. As Dr. Jim Gray, LeapFrog’s director of learning, explains: “Combining full-body movement with educational challenges can deepen children's learning.” This is something the Zippity does in abundance. Full-body interactive play teaches children about problem solving, math, phonics, letter recognition, music, language, colors and more. As well as developing the child’s ability to listen and follow directions, it also boosts memory by asking the child to listen and perform sequences of dance moves. Handy Manny even helps children to learn basic Spanish words, giving them an enjoyable experience of learning one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

The console features 8 inbuilt games. Additional games can be bought to continue the fun.  For all games, there are two levels of play, which means that the game grows with children as they grow. The game play adapts to the child, with reward points being earned during play to unlock even more features as the child’s skills grow. As with all of LeapFrog’s products, adults can create a LeapFrog Learning Path, a personal, online record that enables them to share in their child’s learning.  It gives parents richly detailed information on how much time has been spent on each activity and skills, and offers precise details on the skills practiced and the child’s success rate.

8 C batteries are required for the Leapfrog Zippity, which can be connected to any television with a video / audio input.